1,000 Miles to Ivory

“1,000 Miles to Ivory” brings you into the mindset of Midwest whitetail hunters that venture west in pursuit of elk. Told from the perspective of 3 different hunters, whose elk experience varies from tasting their first success elk hunting to an elk hunting veteran that has lived and breathed elk hunting his entire life, this story will highlight some of the differences/difficulties that Midwest hunters face when they hunt out west. Although each elk hunting experience is unique to the individual experiencing it, as you follow these three hunters and listen to their commentary you will realize that there are common struggles that every elk hunter deals with and understanding these challenges beforehand will help increase your odds of success. We are pleased to share this action packed elk hunting film with you that has some of the greatest elk encounters we have ever experienced while also giving you a taste of the struggles, obstacles, and pure excitement that are all part of the reward for venturing west.


Antler Athlete was founded in 2016 by James Vandenberg and Brent Metcalf to share their hunting adventures through film. Both being former Division 1 athletes, James and Brent have always respected the “hardcore” bowhunters that treated hunting like a year-round professional sport and Antler Athlete was created to represent these hunters that will go to any length in order to have success. Similar to top athletes, the most successful hunters prepare for the season on a daily basis and this preparation has a direct correlation with success. Based out of Iowa, James and Brent have produced several whitetail and turkey films in their first two years together. Their first feature length film “Three Months a Bowhunter”, which highlights the ups and downs a bowhunter goes through from September-November, took home the top honors in the 2017 Kuiu Film Festival in the amateur-long divison. After this small taste of success they turned their sights on the Full Draw Film tour and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the tour in 2018.

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