Angela Haralson wasn’t raised a hunter, but she had always found comfort in the solitude and beauty of the wilderness as a young child. Now a Hunter Education Instructor and certified Master Hunter, cancer survivor, wife and mother of three; Angela spends 100 days of the year fishing and chasing big game across North America. Last Spring, Angela’s passion for hunting will take her to beautiful New Zealand, where she is hoping to harvest her first Fallow Deer. The Fullest is a short film about her inspirational journey.


STNDRD is a full service video production company based out of Portland, OR. We apply our individual talents to collectively create genuine films and animations. Our favorite work comes from interacting with people who are professionals at being themselves. Free-range real humans living in the moment, enjoying life, doing their thing. Authentic. Sincere. Genuine. That’s the story we want to tell.

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