In February 2017 I was notified I won an archery bull elk tag in the South Cache Unit of Utah, at the Western Hunting Conservation Expo. I knew nothing about the unit and would not be able to physically scout the area prior to the hunt, so I began reaching out to acquaintances in Utah for help with learning the unit and what I could expect. I had several offers but decided to accept the help of James Carlson. He was familiar with the unit from hunting it with family over the years. He met my friend, Chris and me when we first arrived and showed me around the area so I had an idea on where to start the hunt. The season ran from mid-August to mid-September, but I had conflicts in September and had to go early in the season. Since it was mid-August, I wasn’t expecting much bugling activity and was planning on hunting water and some spot and stalk. However, as is often the case with many limited areas with less hunting pressure, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of bugling activity and the encounters. The hunt had many highs and lows, from a first-for-me hunting injury, to concerns over a shot I made to finally experiencing the highs of a successful hunt and making great friends along the way.


My passion for the outdoors began at an early age, following my father around the fields and mountains as early as 4 years of age. As soon as I was old enough I began fishing and hunting small game. I did this for many years with my father, still my favorite hunting buddy, but couldn’t wait to finally be able to hunt big game. Finally, at age 12, I could hunt big game! I hunted with a rifle for many years but finally took up archery hunting in 1992, chasing elk in September. While this became my favorite hunt, a new career and young family allowed limited time in the field, often only hunting one day on the weekends. After leaving my corporate career in 2007 and with my children older, I had the time and ability to spend more time in the outdoors and pursue my hunting passion. Although pursuing archery elk is my all time favorite, I enjoy hunting nearly everything, and over the last few years have been fortunate to draw two once-in-a lifetime tags in my home state of Colorado: bighorn sheep and mountain goat. The majority of my hunting is Do-It-Yourself style on public land. This gives me the most enjoyment by succeeding or failing on my own. I’ve been fortunate the last few years to go on more adventures and hunt different species in new terrain, from Alaska to the swamps of Florida. I have been able to showcase these hunts and share the stories of these adventures on “Pure Hunting”, an outdoor TV show that airs on The Sportsman Channel. I live in Colorado with my wonderful family and passing this awesome hunting heritage down to both of my children.

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