The film ‘Longbow’ documents an Alaskan adventure on Prince of Wales Island. With a truck full of gear and four excited hunters, the group took off from central Minnesota in late August. After 33 hours on the road and 10 more on the water, the guys were on the island and excited for the hunt. Following a tough week of bad weather and numerous failed trips up into the alpine, Matt and Luke dropped down to the salmon streams in search of a big bruin. Spotting and stalking along the edge of the thick temperate rainforest, the two hunters continued to build with excitement as they uncovered every twist in the river. After numerous close encounters on day one, Luke and Matt found themselves across the river and out of range of a nice bear their second day on the river. With the sound of waterfalls playing in the background, Matt set off into the water- self made longbow in hand- attempting to close the distance. Navigating through river rocks and splashing salmon, Matt found himself exposed in the middle of the river when everything came together and he got the shot he had been waiting for.


Growing up in central Minnesota, Matt Wetterling and Luke Cruze began bowhunting together in high school and have continued to do so every year since. They started filming their hunts early on and over time have developed a passion for capturing their many adventures through photography and videography. Matt started hunting off and on with a recurve five years ago and has since fully converted to traditional archery; choosing to pick up his longbow in place of the compound bow. Four years ago, Matt began building his own bows, further fueling his passion for the sport. Over the past few years, Luke has continued to develop his skills behind the lens as a photographer and videographer. Luke was behind the camera for the filming of ‘Longbow’ and handled all the film editing.

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