Sharing your passion with others is one of the greatest joys in life, being able to share it with your family are some of life’s sweetest moments. My passion is bow hunting. The sport of archery and bow hunting is a legacy that must be passed down from generation to generation. From the time my kids were little I’ve taken them to archery tournaments and couldn’t wait for them to be old enough to take hunting. Legacy is about that experience with my oldest daughter Taylor. The joy of watching her grow from a little girl being drug around to 3-D archery tournaments, to our first hunt together, to that sweet moment when I knew she’d caught the hunting bug, the moment I knew I’d passed on the Legacy of my passion for hunting, and for preserving these once in a lifetime moments on film to cherish forever.


Shawn started bowhunting in 1993 and all things archery quickly became his passion. In 1995 he married his wife Stacey and soon started a family with archery and bowhunting being the core family activity. In 2005 Shawn harvested a beautiful bighorn sheep, after that hunt Shawn was asked for field photos of the ram and pictures of the area terrain for a magazine article in regards to that hunt. It was at that moment that Shawn realized he was missing the bigger picture, though he had plenty of “grip & grins”, there were no photos of the landscape or of those who accompanied him on that hunt. At that moment in 2005 his mindset changed. His focus became more about the experience, appreciating the beauty of the landscape around him, the relationships that are developed, and capturing those moments to share with others. Soon after this enlightenment, Shawn had a chance encounter with the founding member of Outback Outdoors Trevon Stoltzfus. The two quickly became friends and Trevon instilled the passion for telling the story through the lens of a camera. In 2008 Shawn co-founded Hamskea Archery Solutions with fellow bowhunter Andrew Munsell, a company committed to designing innovative products, and solutions that fill a void in the archery industry. Being die-hard bow-hunters and passionate tournament archers, each season they take the new prototypes into the field and put them through the most strenuous of rigors. During this time afield, they enjoy capturing the moments on film and being able to share the experience with their families and friends!

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