River Monsters is about my journey of chasing public land whitetails out of an old 16-foot jon boat during the fall of 2017. The overall challenge of hunting an area that receives consistent hunting pressure and finding ways to get away from other people and find deer to hunt. Utilizing boat access presents unique hunting opportunities that might not be possible by foot and keeps the element of surprise on your side as a bow hunter. Every hunter goes through highs and lows throughout the course of a hunting season but staying persistent and keeping a level head after a missed opportunity can make the difference between a good season and a great one. After a crushing miss, I was able to get back in the boat and find another spot that proved to be fruitful. Hunting this public river bottom has no doubt made me a better bow hunter but also created timeless memories that will last a lifetime.


I was raised in Columbia Missouri, where I could be found juggling playing sports in school and hunting all species of animals. I was introduced into hunting by my father, Paul Kurzejeski and his three brothers at a very early age. I soon became passionate about the Outdoors and enjoyed spending my time hunting or fishing instead of being inside. My obsession for hunting grew into a love for chase game on public land across the country and the challenge of hunting where everyone has a level playing field. I got my start in the hunting industry as an intern at Midwest Whitetail after I graduated college in 2014 from Lindenwood University in Saint Charles Missouri. That internship taught me how to run a video camera, film hunts and be proficient with editing software. Soon after my Internship I started working for the Outdoor hunting show, Major League Bowhunter where I documented dozens of hunting stories across the country. Being in the hunting industry has taught me many things about the art of filming outdoor adventures. My favorite part of the whole process is putting the hunts together and telling a story through the video camera. Working for Hooyman the past year has shown me the true meaning of land management and how documenting these stories will impact future hunters and the future of hunting.

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