A distant bugle on a windy first afternoon gave away the elk-rich draw we would spend every evening in this season. As very few people get to share experiences in the elk woods with their soulmate, we count ourselves supremely blessed to make these adventures together. And all we ask for on these adventures are opportunities, however hard they sometimes seem to come by. But after an incredibly disappointing end to our first out-of-state hunt in Idaho in 2017, we knew we had to do more to earn the opportunities we wanted and have the confidence to capitalize on them. We came back to Idaho in 2018 knowing we put more effort than ever into understanding our equipment, our minds, and equally as much the elk we were after. The opportunities we earned this season were the kind every elk hunter dreams of, and each evening we experienced something new together. Surrounded by bugling bulls and sassy cows in this tiny draw, it was the perfect recipe for a fight and we couldn’t believe what was happening right in our lap. While we worked our way into multiple opportunities, finding the right one, which would lead to success, remained hard to come by. As doubt kept knocking on the door, we refused to answer. We patiently waited for what would be the best encounters we have ever experienced together, and we found ourselves completely contented by those opportunities alone.


Experiencing wild places with the people they love the most is what drives Jason and Alicia Woodman, the creators behind Northwild. Early on in their relationship, they adopted the phrase, “earn it”, which has proven to be an anchor for how they approach their life and creating content together. As soulmates and proud of it, they know how fortunate they are to have found each other in this crazy world and have created a life they are protective of. The most important part of this life are their three children, who together complete their perfect pack. While certainly wildest about their pack, Jason and Alicia are also wild about bowhunting, fitness, and adventures in the Northwest. A fire was lit in them for filmmaking just three years ago, and like most things in life they took it by the antlers, learning as much as they could and swiftly putting it all into practice. While it seems learning the hard way is the only way for them, they have taken each obstacle and worked hard to turn them into opportunities to be better each time they step into the woods with a camera in hand. You will see their unique and engaging way of telling stories in their upcoming film, ‘EARNED’. While balancing successful careers with technology companies, they have become pros at prioritizing their time and making decisions focused on earning the experiences in life that matter most. And with their films, they are focused on connecting viewers with the emotions of the hunt in a way that compels them to earn experiences of their own.

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