To Hell and Back

“To Hell & Back” is a film with a story line that extends beyond the Idaho Backcountry in which it takes place. The story features’s Co-founder Jeff Moran, on his September archery elk hunt into the rugged terrain of Idaho’s Hells Canyon. The story is far from just a hunt however. 2019 took Jeff on a path that few could ever relate to. Life tried to break him in every way and at one point he was even homeless trying to survive having lost everything. This hunt was less than a priority compared to the climb he faced just to have a place to live and find parts of himself again. With literally hours to go until he needed to leave to be able to pick Caleb (B4H Cameraman) up from the airport on time for the hunt, everything was still in jeopardy. With a lot of luck, they made it on to the mountain but things weren't about to get easier. The first day was beautiful, however Mother Nature had different plans in store as the next week brought on a cold front fueled with never ending rain, snow, fog, and almost zero elk. The nature of the terrain and the physical demands are extreme without the elements, and when you add those into the struggles and hurdles that had been faced throughout the year, you have a recipe that would test any man’s mental strength beyond compare.


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