If you knew Roy, there was a good chance he left an impact on your life proportional to his size; this was big - just like his heart. Roy Roth grew up bow hunting in Oregon, with my dad and a couple others like Cameron Hanes, before he moved to Alaska and quickly became a bow hunting legend. Year after year, dad and Roy talked about hunting Sitka Blacktail deer on Kodiak, Island Alaska - just like old times in Oregon. Dad knew that Roy would leave a lasting impression on my life and wanted me to meet him and share that experience. In 2015, we made plans to join Roy, for a Roy sized adventure, on Kodiak! As humans, we can do incredibly power things, yet we are vulnerable. Especially, to loss. Loss is very hard. “We lost Roy”. Dad expressed his love and said he would need some time to think. At the celebration of Life, Roy’s buddies encouraged Dad to continue with the trip and they would support his efforts. They believed, Roy would have wanted us to go. A few phone calls later, Nate Simmons and Steve Howard accepted the invitation to join us on an epic do-it-yourself hunt, on Kodiak Island, Alaska! Nate Simmons captures the trip beautifully in Unplanned, on Season 5, of the Western Hunter. Ever since that first trip in 2015, dad and I dreamed of a returning to Kodiak. In 2019, we did. This film is The Return to Kodiak. In loving memory of Roy Roth.


Growing up in Oregon has offered an abundance of outdoor opportunities! Grandpa Endicott lived through the Great Depression and became an established farmer and trapper; adopting a lifestyle of strong work ethic and appreciation for what he had. My dad, Wayne Endicott, spent most of his childhood days either working on the farm, trapping furbearer, following a pack string into the wilderness, or fishing the McKenzie River for steelhead. As a young adult, dad gave his heart to Jesus Christ and was introduced to archery! A few years later, dad purchased The Bow Rack in Springfield, Oregon and has owned the business for 31-years. Also, dad founded the Oregon Outdoor Council, is the VP of Oregon Bowhunters, a life member of OHA, and serves on the Easton Arrows advisory committee. My name is, Nathan Wayne Endicott, and I believe that each day is an incredible opportunity to live life to the full. I am 32-years old, married, a father of two beautiful children, a licensed civil engineer working at a water utility, and a dedicated bow hunter. Dad and I, with editing help from Michael Chariker, are Endicott Films. We all have full time jobs and love to hunt and fish and share those experiences in every way we can.

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