Last couple years we’ve attempted to film our hunts. Our goal was to tell the real stories of the hunts we go on. Most of the time the hunt took precedence and the camera often took a back seat. This year was different. We chose to totally commit. We danced our way thru September and kept the camera rolling most of the time. By the end we had some awesome encounters on film and a story of great friends Shuffling through September.


Seven Days Outdoors was born in the heart of Idaho by a group of buddies with a passion for bowhunting, a thirst for the backcountry, and a love for capturing it all on film. If there is a season open and game to chase, it would be a safe bet to say we are out there. We believe that success in hunting means more than just harvesting an animal. Success in the field is measured by how hard you hunted and how much fun you had while doing it. We are dedicated to our families and our careers and appreciate both for allowing us the time and resources to pursue our dreams of chasing bugling bulls when the leaves begin to turn. A week of vacation in the mountains can be a stretch for a family man. If you can relate, we welcome you to Seven Days Outdoors.

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