It all came down to this. ⁣ ⁣I had envisioned this moment so many times in my head with a brown bear in my sights. I thought I’d be totally terrified and exhilarated, which I was. But I was calm. I was steady. I felt solid. This was my moment I had waited for. But it was a WINDY shot. I set out on this quest in the first place to overcome my fears of my death by brown bear. My fear and determination to do this was fueled by all of the bear encounters I have had in the past. I often stay awake my entire hunts because of this fear, but I was tired of letting this predator control my hunts. I knew if I could do the ultimate stalk and sneak up on a brown bear and kill it with an arrow, I could overcome my fear. ⁣ In this hunt, I stalk an Alaskan brown bear with my bow with my husband by my side. It was the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. I get asked a lot why I felt the need to do this. First of all, I am fully educated on the importance of predator management for our ungulate populations. Secondly, what would my life be if I did not have the courage to face my fears? The triumph I had over this feat was awesome. I wanted to be the ultimate apex predator. I share the details of this hunt not because I got a bear with my bow. I share it because things that are hard take time. It took me an entire year to talk myself into this DIY hunt AND have the willpower to follow through. ⁣ ⁣ I share this whole story because it is proof that you can do anything you put your mind to. You can conquer your fears. You can live your dreams. You just have to take action, and believe in yourself, and ignore your husband trying to hand you the rifle.


I originally grew up in Idaho with my three brothers, Travis, Tom, and Trevor. We lived and breathed hunting with our parents and did everything together in the outdoors. In 2010, Stuck N The Rut was born and we began filming our hunts. As I grew up, I had a strong desire to leave Idaho, and enter the aviation world in Alaska. That drew me to the most amazing state and hunting opportunities I would ever experience. I met my husband, who is a career pilot. We now live in bush Alaska, several hundred miles off the main road system, use our super cub that helps us access all parts of the state, and together we have five amazing foster kids. After exploring the aviation world for a few years, getting my pilots license and buying an airplane, I decided to turn back to my roots of fitness and health, which I originally pursued in college prior to aviation. the owner of Bristol Bay Fitness and an online fitness and nutrition coach. I firmly believe that people’s lives are unique and individual and different than anyone else’s, so their programs should be too. I tailor custom nutrition and fitness programs for people and their adventures. I also teach fitness classes in our small community and am passionate to help people live their healthiest lives and enjoy life to their full potential. My passion is to change people’s lives, go on endless adventures, and raise my beautiful foster children in the outdoors. We love everything that has to do with flying, hunting, fishing, beachcombing, trapping, and shed hunting. We rely on all the meat and salmon we harvest to feed us all year long, and truly live for the adventures we get to experience. We film our hunts and share them on YouTube to share our experiences with others that we feel so fortunate to live. We also host the Stuck N The Rut Podcast to further document our wild stories in the last frontier.

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