Hunting has always been a huge part of Quinn Kline’s life from growing up in an avid hunting family. He’s always wanted to film his own hunts, to share his experiences, but between guiding for clients and usually hunting solo it made that already difficult task even harder. After the passing of Cody Mooney it gave him the motivation to throw all those excuses out the door. Brent McGirr and Quinn had hunted for a few years together and agreed that they had the drive to make it happen. Quinn took out a loan to buy all of the camera equipment that they would need to make a quality film. Through 17 days of trial and error they finally got a bull killed on film. After returning home and knowing that they had an incredible story and great footage, they really didn’t know where to start with their limited editing skills. Quinn spent the next few months contacting countless people in the film industry trying to get this film produced into what they wanted it to be. He reached out to Top Priority Hunting and they clicked instantly. It didn’t take long after he told them the story that he knew that these guys were perfect to help bring this film to life. The guys knew they were running out of time so the group decided that Justin would fly and Garret would drive to Quinn’s place and they would try and finish the film. They spent an entire day from sun up until well after sundown filming all of the B roll and doing all of the voice overs. Garret and Justin did an amazing job helping make such an incredible film out of the video and Quinn is forever grateful for this friendship that they created over a shared bond of hunting and brotherhood. As for Brent and Quinn they have found a passion in filming hunts and they don’t plan on this film being their last. Much like Top Priority’s motto “Creating Hunting Films That Inspire,” the entire group is honored to be part of the tour and excited to bring this inspirational story to the audience.

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