Chasing Velvet

Bow hunting velvet bucks in the mountains was just a dream when we first picked up a bow. We read all the books and magazines and watched all the videos of the “pros” taking massive bucks. After many unsuccessful seasons and learning from countless mistakes, this year, Jerad and Adam had tags in their pockets looking for another chance. We had planned this hunt years in advance, playing the point game across the western states. We knew filling a tag was a long shot. Nothing was easy about the place we were going. The hike in seemed to go on forever, increasing hunting pressure, and the unforgiving terrain did not lend itself to guaranteeing a notched tag. With the odds stacked against us we were able to glass up a good buck by opening day. Over the course of the week, we grew a love-hate relationship with that deer. A couple close stalks to get in bow range and a missed shot, this buck seemed to have us figured out. With only a day left in the hunt, we were blessed with one more opportunity. Tired, sore, and worn out we decided to give it one last go. We said a prayer and hoped for the best but struggled to stay positive. God is good and we were able to notch a tag on a velvet buck we had been chasing all week.


DIY Out West is a group of friends who are passionate about the outdoors and seek adventurous hunts in the mountains of the West. For the last decade, Cody Aldrich carried a video camera on his outdoor adventures around the PNW. Cody grew up chasing deer and elk with his dad during rifle season but then, in his early twenties, he decided to put down the rifle and pick up a bow with the hopes of taking a bull elk in the rut. Adam Oliver grew up in Northern CA where, since before he could walk, he was being hauled into the woods with his father hunting. He grew up chasing blacktails, wild pigs and waterfowl. It is those early memories with his father that drive Adam to share these adventures with his family and friends. Jerad Spencer grew up in Oregon as a third generation waterfowl hunter on Sauvie Island. It is that legacy in his family that ignited the fire to pursue the chase of wild game with stick and string. In 2017, the crew came together to explore the West through hunting and their desire to capture the adventures on film. Join the DIY Out West crew as they share their passion for hunting and the outdoors.

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