Mountain Top Matador

Stories, so many stories. When you come home from a long hunt, you tell your family and friends stories of the animal you got, or the one that got away. This hunt we set out on a new goal of coming home with more than stories. For us, archery elk is at the very top because they are big aggressive animals looking for a fight. We experienced the epitome of that. We wanted to show and relive the story through our film. This is it. This is our hunt. This is our adventure. This is our story.


North Slope is a Pacific Northwest based film company established in 2020 by Vic Filbert and Ashlee Bowell. North Slope is dedicated in sharing their love of hunting and visiting remote wild places. Nature is their motivation. There is nothing more beautiful and dynamic than what can be found in our seemingly unending variety of natural terrain and wildlife. Capturing its most elusive scenes is one of the most rewarding challenges. Vic grew up in Issaquah Washington and formed a passion for archery hunting in the second grade when he was given his first bow. Mentored by his uncle Bill, Vic spent Countless days roaming around his childhood home firing arrows. Hunting success came around the age of 16, making solo trips into the North Cascades, bow in hand. Vic is one of those guys who thinks about hunting all year, and spends the off-season refining his skills in the art of bowhunting. He craves the quiet mountains and animals that live there. Vic lives in Maple valley WA with his wife and two sons who also share a love of hunting and archery. Ashlee grew up in the Seattle area and formed a love for the outdoors at a young age. Ashlee's interest in hunting was sparked by his uncle Matt, who is an avid hunter. Totally intrigued with the idea of talking and communicating with elk, Ashlee dedicated his time in learning the language. Being relatively new to hunting, Ashlee brings a unique perspective to hunters and non-hunters alike which is reflected in his filmmaking. Ashlee's wife Caitie is a musician and produces audio content for North Slope.

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