The One

Trevon Stoltzfus embarks on the HOLY GRAIL of Colorado bowhunting as he seeks to find "THE ONE" Shiras Bull Moose. Along the journey he realizes that perhaps more important than his coveted tag is the lifelong friends with which he gets to share this adventure.


Trevon Stoltzfus is a part of Outback Outdoors, a production team focused on telling the exciting stories of outdoor adventures through TV, Film, Print, and photography. Outback Outdoors believes that by presenting our realistic, humorous, truthful, and cinematic outdoor exploits can reach out inspire others to find their wild. OO's desire is to showcase true hunting, the importance of conservation, and the need to recruit the next generation, but more importantly the connection of the wild places we hunt to the longing for adventure we find in the depths of our souls.

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