While most of the country is enduring the icy breath of winter during the month of January, archery hunters in Arizona are soaking up the sun, sitting behind their binoculars, and testing their wits on both mule deer and coues deer. During this time in Arizona, it’s the rut. A perfect opportunity to both witness some pretty incredible bucks come out of the woodwork, as well as test your skills at trying to sneak within archery range. And being an over the counter tag, anyone can get a ticket to the fun house. Arizona resident, Josh Kirchner, takes full advantage of this year after year in what he calls “a winter wonderland for bowhunters.” Adoration is a story of friendship, tradition, and archery deer hunting. It’s a transparent look at what bowhunting is and the trials and tribulations that come along with it. Joined by a few good friends and his brother, Josh Kirchner and company backpack into a familiar piece of country with hopes of finding coues deer, also known as the gray ghost. From blown stalks to deer disappearing into thin air, January 2022 did not disappoint. The deer were thick, as were the emotions on this hunt. Just being camped in the backcountry with quality people is reward enough. Adding quality deer hunting is the cherry on top. The story within Adoration is a prime example of when unwavering love flirts with ultimate disappointment.


Josh Kirchner is a proud husband and father living in the southwest desert of Arizona where he primarily hunts deer, bear, elk, and javelina. He’s also the voice behind Dialed in Hunter, a blog that not only documents his own journey, but provides gear reviews, tips/tactics for western hunting, and encourages other hunters to chase and achieve their goals. The blog was built on transparency in an effort to help educate newer hunters and give a true perspective on what hunting really is. An experience, which is something that Josh values and learned to embrace since starting to hunt with his family as a small boy. Now an adult, he’s become absolutely obsessed with hunting and particularly backcountry bowhunting. Along with his website, Josh is also an avid full time freelance writer for a slew of online/print publications in the hunting industry such as goHunt, Exo Journal, Western Hunter Magazine, and Bear Hunting Magazine to name a few. He recently penned his first book as well called Becoming a Backpack Hunter: A Beginner’s Guide to Hunting the Backcountry where he provides a blueprint of how you can start out backpack hunting. From, you don’t even know if you want to backpack hunt, all the way to packing an animal out back to the truck. Through his writing, imagery, and films, Josh hopes to both inspire and educate others on what he holds so dear. The hunting lifestyle.

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