The Peanut Butter Bull

This film came to existence due to a successful opening weekend on the Oregon coast. We found a bull on opening morning and after a few minutes, our wind switched and we blew him further down into the canyon. The next morning, we heard that bull bugling from camp. We spent the next 5 hours trying to pinpoint his location. The bull would go silent for periods of 45-60 minutes. That weekend I was feeling very sick and was going to the bathroom often. During those periods that the bull was silent, I had to go to the bathroom. 4 separate times the bull would bugle during or within 3 minutes of me going to the bathroom. We dubbed this bull the peanut butter bull because of his timely responses at somewhat inconvenient times. The last time he bugled, I was in the middle of going to the bathroom. He screamed, I poked my head out from behind a bush, smiled, and gave the guys a thumbs up. A few minutes later that bull was in our lap and Sean released an arrow that killed the bull. Several hours later, 4 heavy packs, and plenty of scratches from the salmon berry brush, we were back at the truck, exhausted and thinking about pounding some McDonalds in the nearby town on our way home. This hunt was one that we will look back on and cherish for many years to come.  


My name is Jack Lander. I'm 29 years old, I have an amazing wife named Katie, a 1 year old son named Callahan, and a goofball of a dog named Django. I have grown up hunting and fishing on the Oregon coast my entire life. In college I watched the full draw film tour and from that night on I knew that I wanted to have a film of my own in the tour someday. I started a brand called Golden Roosie (pronounced Rosie) that I've tried to use to portray what it's like hunting Roosevelt elk, Blacktail deer, and coastal Blackbear. This year's film is from our opening weekend of the 2021 archery elk season. Me and three of my friends met up on the coast and lucked into a young bull that we dubbed the peanut butter bull. I'm thankful to Jade and the team for selecting my film to be in the tour this year and I can't wait to share it with everyone. 

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