The Challenge

The off-season is different for everyone. For us, it’s a mix of emotions. As we stow away our gear in preparation for the long winter, we begin to countdown for opening day. On one hand, there is a sense of relief when hunting season is done. On the other hand, there is a feeling of disappointment the season is over. It’s during this shutdown when I send my hunting partners an off-season challenge. Some recent challenges include the “Best Base Camp Dinner Challenge of 2019” or the “Great Weight Loss Challenge of 2020”. The most epic challenge came in 2018 with the “Find a New Hunting Area Challenge”. After spending countless hours e-scouting with the onX Hunt, I was eager to put my eyes on some new area. I was unsure what I would find as I deployed multiple game cameras on my June scouting trip. It was August when I made the trip back, and I got to see what my cameras captured. As I scanned the pictures and video clips, I felt a sense of accomplishment in this off-season challenge. What I didn’t realize was this challenge was just starting, and it would be years before we were able to complete THE CHALLENGE.


We are just three average guys that have a passion for Jesus, our families, and hunting. As children, we were blessed to have people in our lives that took time to share the outdoors. For the three of us, that was our Dads. Our early childhood hunting adventures shaped and impacted our adult lives. We don’t consider ourselves professional hunters. We are passionate hunters. Our team—Greg, Kevin, and Cheyenne—have only been together for the last 3 seasons. In that time together, we have harvested 8 elk, primarily with archery gear. We came together with the hope of putting more effort into our filming while sharing our love for God and passion for the outdoors with others. With that in mind “Higher Calling Adventures” was born.

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