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Willi Schmidt has been a hunter his entire life.  Growing up in Fort Collins, Colorado, he followed his Biologist father into the field at a very early age.  As many hunters, he started with small game as soon as he passed his hunter’s safety and eventually moved into hunting Big Game.  He started bow hunting in 1992 and is passionate about archery, but loves hunting and is non-discriminating and will hunt with any weapon.  Willi is also a passionate conservationist, believing that hunters are the TRUE conservationists and strongly believes in the importance of protecting our landscapes and wildlife for his children and generations to come.   Now hosting Pure Hunting for 11 seasons, he has tried to show hunting the way the majority of hunters across the country hunt.  He and his co-hosts enjoy showing that “Pure Hunting” opportunities still exist for those willing to put forth a little more effort.  Pure Hunting is about the adventure, camaraderie and authentically telling the whole story of the hunt, as it actually happens, regardless of the outcome.   Willi currently lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife, Sherry and together they have two children, ages 21 and 24.  He loves his family time and is also a passionate fitness junkie and golfer.

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