Better Together

Cheyenne’s earliest memories are of chasing bugling bulls with her dad. A fire was lit in her soul and she patiently awaited her chance to be able to chase a bull of her own. Every year since she turned twelve years old, she has been on a journey for her own archery bull. That journey involved thousands of shots through her bow, endless hours in blinds, and several pairs of worn out hiking boots. For twelve years she kept grinding but each year left her with not only an unfilled tag, but an unfulfilled dream. Year ten of her journey she met her husband, Randy, and fell in love with him as they chased September bulls together. Year eleven was the first year she missed out on archery elk season, however it was for good reason, as Cheyenne was recovering from giving birth to their son, Bow. Year twelve her journey evolved, as her focus shifted toward raising her son in the outdoors just as she had been. Year thirteen was the year Cheyenne finally fulfilled that lifelong dream, and she found out exactly why it took thirteen years to fulfill. Had her dream come true any sooner, her husband wouldn’t have been there to call in her bull and her two year old son wouldn’t have been there to give momma good luck. Had this special moment happened any sooner, it wouldn’t all be on film for all of you to watch at the Full Draw Film Tour. This film shows the beauty of enjoying the journey and that the pursuit of your dreams is best spent with the ones you love by your side.


We are a family with a dream to create high quality hunting films that lead our example of experiencing every single adventure together as a family. When our son, Bow, was born, so was our dream to showcase that kids are never too young to go hunting with you. Bow went on his first archery elk hunt at only three weeks old. It was then that we knew we needed to be filming our hunts and all that we do. Our goal is to show all of the ups and the downs. Hunting with a toddler is not easy, and we aren't trying to make it look easy. It takes a lot of dedication and patience. The memories we make with Bow are priceless. Being able to see his reactions and emotions fuels our fire to do better and be better. As he grows up, not only will he be able to hear our hunting stories, but he will be able to watch them and remember the moments first hand. The reason we care so much about starting youth in the outdoors at an early age, is that we were those young kids. Now is our time to pass the passion on to our son, and by example, we hope to motivate our audience to do the same. It is never too early to start a child in the outdoors. Our son has never slowed us down a bit, he has actually done quite the opposite. The weight of him on our back is nothing compared to the fuel of creating memories together. We take great pride in knowing that our son will never look back and remember that time that he got stuck at the babysitter when mom and dad went hunting. He is going to look back at his earliest memories and see screaming bulls and late nights in a wall tent under September skies. We are just at the beginning of this journey, if you like who we are and what we stand for, please follow along as you will be seeing a lot more from this crazy and dedicated family.

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