Full Draw In Full Rut

After a near death experience with a 10 foot brown bear in the spring, Tana set out in the fall of 2021 to get a caribou and a moose with her bow as part of her recovery and overcoming her returned bear fears. She was new to traditional archery and did not feel quite confident to hunt with her recurve yet, so she took her compound. Tana got within 37 yards of her dream world record caribou. It winded her and she ended up taking the bull with a rifle. So two weeks later, she committed to shooting a bull moose with her bow, bow or bust! This archery moose hunt was her redemption, as she has always had the dream of taking a moose in Alaska with a bow. She flew out with her husband Adam to pursue this feat. The next morning, they had 3 bulls within 300 yards of camp, but no archery opportunity. Adam attempted calling in one of the 60” bulls past Tana, and he came within 70 yards, but it was a windy morning so no shot was taken and he ended up seeing the airplane and running away. They moved down the ridge all morning, moving slowly and glassing for more bulls. They were seeing bulls several miles away but hoped to find one closer to camp. By late afternoon/evening, they were walking down an open ridge when Adam spotted a white paddle moving through the alders 600 yards away toward them. Adam had first dibs on any bulls, and if he passed on one, Tana would try an archery stalk. He passed on the bull, so Tana dropped her gear and started the stalk. The wind was howling but the moose was weaving in and out of alders which made the stalk easier to get close. Adam was calling, trying to call the bull past Tana for a clear archery shot, but he wouldn’t budge, so Tana crossed the creek canyon between them and closed the distance solo. Upon cresting the canyon, she saw the bull turn his head from the call and start running down the ridge toward where she had just crashed through the brush to fight. She picked the nearest alder bush to hide behind which wasn’t much cover. She peeked through the leaves and branches and watched this giant bull run right toward her and slow down at 20 yards. He took a few more steps toward her at 17 yards, looking for the bull coming to fight him. She came to full draw and stepped out behind the bush and he was circling around her and she let an arrow fly. They left the bull overnight to not push him as they saw him run and bed down in the alders. The next morning, they looked everywhere for him and could not find him. Tana was sure she wounded or lost the bull. After a couple of hours of tracking and not finding any sign, they hopped in their airplane and did circles and found him dead in a tall tree patch in 5’ tall grass where they had walked by and around him several times that morning. It was a triumphant moment of peace, redemption, and accomplishment when they found the bull. And she was grateful Adam passed on the bull, because he ended up scoring 236 which is a B&C book bull and potential top 10 Pope and Young.


Tana Grenda grew up in northern Idaho hunting, fishing, shooting guns and bows, and living life outdoors with her three brothers. They started a hunting YouTube channel in 2010 called Stuck N the Rut and started filming hunts to share their DIY public land hunts with the world. At 18, Tana got her pilot’s license, graduated high school, and moved to southern Idaho to pursue a degree in exercise science and sports nutrition. After a couple years of being away from hunting and airplanes, she moved to Alaska where she quickly felt at home again. She married a pilot and now lives in bush Alaska with her husband and 6 foster kids. Together they go on every Alaska adventure they can in their airplane and live a subsistence lifestyle, relying on the meat they harvest each year to feed their family living hundreds of miles off the road system. Tana is passionate about optimizing health and combining that with performance in the outdoors. She is an online coach for performance, nutrition, and mindset, and specializes in training hunters to reach their full potential through individualized programs. When she’s not working with clients or homeschooling her foster kids, you’ll find Tana hunting in the Alaska wilderness pursuing big game, shed hunting, picking a gill net of fresh salmon with the kids, trapping predators with her husband in the winter, flying in their plane, and always going back to their roots of living their dream life outdoors.

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