Deschutes Desert Dream

~ 45 years in the making ~

Winning the lottery is such long odds that is nothing more than a childish dream, right? Too bad it will never happen, or at least for most of us. On June 12th, 2022, Wayne Endicott logged into the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website to check the status of his draw results. Expecting to be disappointed, Wayne saw something very unfamiliar and unexpected. The word “selected” was displayed next to his sheep application. In disbelief, Wayne shut off his phone and rebooted. When he logged back into the state website, a wave of emotion fell over him. After 45 years of applying for a sheep tag in Oregon, Wayne drew his dream tag. A California Bighorn Sheep hunt was no longer a childhood dream, it would soon become a reality. Not just Wayne, but his son Nathan and his wife Lisa were able to be a part of the once-in-a-lifetime hunt. The hunt allows for any legal weapon, however, Wayne held true to his love for bowhunting and was successful in harvesting a beautiful ram with his bow. What a joy it was for a son to film his dad on a 45-year wait, dream come true, a once-in-a-lifetime hunt. Endicott Films hopes you enjoy the hunt and the fulfillment of something special and unexpected, a Deschutes Desert Dream.


Wayne Endicott spent most of his childhood days either working on the farm, trapping furbearers, following a pack string into the wilderness, or fishing the McKenzie River for steelhead. As a young adult, Wayne gave his heart to Jesus Christ and was introduced to archery! A few years later, he purchased The Bow Rack in Springfield, Oregon and has owned the business for 34 years. Also, Wayne founded the Oregon Outdoor Council, is the VP of Oregon Bowhunters, a life member of OHA, and serves on the Easton Arrows advisory committee.

Nathan Wayne Endicott is 35 years old, married, a father of three beautiful children, a licensed civil engineer at a water utility, and a dedicated bow hunter. Wayne Endicott Sr. (grandpa) lived through the Great Depression and became an established farmer and trapper, adopting a lifestyle of strong work ethic and appreciation for what he had. Also, grandpa would capture remarkable photographs of his outdoor adventures and record film on reels. Endicott Films was founded in 1947, when grandpa purchased his film projector, initiating a legacy of outdoor adventure filming.

Dad and I have full-time jobs, but we love hunting, fishing, and sharing those experiences. Hunts are filmed and edited by Nathan Endicott, but collectively, Endicott Films is a family heritage

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