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We had an Alaskan moose hunt booked for two years and found out in early 2022 that our original plan had to be cancelled because of a booking error. After going back and forth with the pilot and coordinator, we were offered a true pioneering adventure in the Brooks Range. It was an inaccessible river that we had to drag our camp and rafts 5 miles overland to get to flowing water. The access being tough, our camp and gear were as minimal as a float hunt can be. As far as anyone knew, the river system had never been hunted so we had to be ready for anything. The moose density was low but due to no pressure, we were hoping on encountering some mature bull. We had 12 days to navigate the canyon and reach our pickup point 60 miles down river. There was a ton of physical work involved with highs and lows like we have never experienced on a hunt. We experience some of the most beautiful weather we could ask for in late September in the Brooks, and also got caught in a 50 year storm. The beautiful stream we had been floating turned into a menacing brown river. It took our full physical and mental determination to execute this hunt and navigate this river. It was the wildest adventure you could imagine in modern day and we were blessed with 2 trophy class bulls and memories of a lifetime.


My name is Kodi Toulon, I am 39 years old from Kauai, Hawaii. My brother Alapai and I have a passion for adventure bowhunting. We grew up hunting and fishing all over Hawaii. We both attended Montana State University and got our first experiences hunting Elk. After moving home, we started our own fishing charter and hog hunting outfit on the island of Kauai, Hunt Fish Kauai. Each year we travel to the Rockies or Alaska chasing animals and DIY adventures with a bow. My wife Aimee and I have a 7 year old girl and 5 year old boy. I have been hunting all my life but started archery hunting 16 years ago. Once I started planning September elk hunts, I got addicted to the adventure planning aspects of bowhunting as well. I love putting plans together with maps/research/escouting and I got the best hunting partners that are ready for any adventure. I started carrying a cheap camcorder and videoing our hunts just to show friends and family back home what exactly we experience when hunting in the backcountry for extended periods.

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