Bucket List

Living an incredibly busy life as a family man, farm owner and successful insurance agent, Shane Vander Giessen finds his peace through the pursuit of epic adventures in wild places far from the beaten trail. Mountain goats and the rocky crags they inhabit epitomize the backcountry environs that Shane seeks out. The "beast the color of winter" occupies some of the most inhospitable terrain in the world and the idea of seeking an ancient billy on his home turf are the dreams of many a mountain hunter. By luck-of-the-draw and playing the odds….Shane managed to acquire (2) highly coveted mountain goat tags in back to back seasons after countless years of putting in for these hunts. His fascination for mountain goats started at a young age after hearing his stories of his dad chasing goats and spending decades observing and photographing goats in Washington's Mt. Baker Wilderness. Now for the first time in his hunting career he has an opportunity to create a monumental chapter in what is just the beginning of his documented journey. With his supportive family rooting for him back home, he embarks after what he refers to as the BUCKET LIST.


REVOL Entertainment is a media company located in Mount Vernon, WA (1.5 hours N of Seattle). REVOL was founded in January of 2020 by CEO Clint Easley in perfect timing with COVID. Although challenged by the conditions of the launch date, Clint felt very confident he could get things off the ground with 12 years of production and filming experience already under his belt. REVOL now supports a full team of talented editors, cinematographers, writers, producers & photographers who are all passionate about storytelling. " We've been blessed with the opportunity to generate content for many amazing clients both private and public from small mom & pop shops to Fox Nation. But it's not about where our content gets showcased that matters...it's the people we get to collaborate with that really gets us fired up. We strive to develop wonderful friendships, communicate with excellence, and we want to work on projects with purpose." said Clint Known for their strong portfolio in outdoor & adventure lifestyle content they are always up for any challenge. You name it, one of them has probably shot it. To check out some great client testimonials and to learn more about REVOL and their mission please visit REVOLentertainment.com

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