You Define It

Limited draw units are special, no matter the state, but some states and units just produces giants. This is a story about going on a “typical” elk hunt in Utah that just so happens to be in one of the best limited entery units there is. What’s a typical elk hunt you might ask… Well it depends on who you talk to, but for many, its waking up hours before daylight and logging miles on the boots. Stopping here and there to rip a bugle in hopes of a response. Then scheming up a plan to get in close. Isn’t that what elk hunting is all about? Chasing deep gnarly bugles until you are in the middle of them?

Plans are made, dates are set, packing has begun and then a GIANT bull shows himself! However, he lives in a deep nasty hole on top of a mountain. Plans now change. No glassing (looking from a distance with binoculars or spotting scope) him up and keeping tabs on him or knowing his whereabouts, this leaves Kyle with very few options. It’s time to ambush him in his own bedroom from a highly hung tree stand. Although, Mother Nature has other plans. First, torrential downpours followed my insanely hot weather for weeks. Thus, putting a damper on movement and any sort of rut activity.

Day twenty five, still no sightings of him from the tree stand or on foot. A few bulls make an appearance in the tiny meadow but not the big bull. With 3 days left of the archery season in Utah, its time to go back to plan A, chasing bugles in hopes of finding a mature bull to send an arrow at. Time is running out but finally, a break in the weather put the odds back on Kyle side. Rain, Fog, and a saturated ground, let Kyle and his Outfitter Ryan slip into heard after heard until they find a mature bull. With bugles echoing in their ears, Kyle draws and lets an arrow go. Twenty eight days, over 250 miles hiked, and it all comes down to that one arrow.


Growing up in the outdoors, while following in the footsteps of my dad and grandpas, a northern Wisconsin kid (Corey Kuchler) fell in love with hunting and fishing. In my early 20’s, not knowing much about cameras, or how to edit/produce a film, I dove in head first. Working hard to figure it out, I ran a camera as much as I could and spent countless hours trying to find anything that would help me learn on YouTube. (which was much more difficult 10 years ago) Having a solid idea of the basics, I started filming hunts and producing little videos of family and friends. Now, they are a treat to look back on.

After a few years of filming and meeting the right people, it snowballed into a profession that I’ve been running with for 9 years now. Having worked for Babe Winkelman Productions and filming for Bucks of Tecomate to producing Precision Outdoors tv for 3 years on the Pursuit Channel and Waypoint TV, BrokenBow Video Productions had come to life. After meeting my wife (Hayden Kuchler) and both of us sharing a huge passion for the outdoors, we decided to start producing content that represented a way of living and raising kids just like both of us were raised.

“The LifeStyle.” was born, as we live in a game rich environment of North Dakota, where we can share our adventures from camping, to cattle brandings as well as the obvious, hunting and fishing. We want to produce content as much as possible that encourages people to get out there and enjoy time with family and friends while living an everyday, average joe life. Spending time outdoors isn’t a hobby or just something to do on the weekends, it really truly is a LifeStyle.

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