Day 3 Media

Self Defense

South Cox with Stalker Stickbows, heads back into the high country of Colorado with high hopes of connecting on a Rocky Mountain bull elk. With successful seasons in the past few years in mind, we set out to close the gap on several different bulls. Using a traditional long bow doesn’t seem to make things much easier for South as well! But, having persistence and all always pushing forward through the rough terrain, and despite having what seems to be all the odds stacked against us, just maybe South can seal the deal once again!


Everyone has a passion in life but, not everyones passion can relate to the next persons. It’s a fire that burns deep down in the soul of each individual. At times it seems that words can’t even describe what is in the utter most parts of the human soul. At Day 3 Media we strive to capture and create films that can bring what’s in the very depth of one mans soul to the realm of which we can view life through the lens of others. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a business executive, a student, or a hunter, we all have stories that need to be told. We strive to do our very best to bring out passions with a camera and a lens.

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