The Barefoot Buck

In the fall of 2022, South Cox, owner of Stalker Stickbows heads back into the high country to chase the majestic mule deer once again! With patience, perseverance, many long days glassing and a few blown stalks brings South down to the last couple days to connect with a buck! Word has it sometimes you have to, not only take off your shoes but in this season, South finds himself barefoot and only yards away from a beautiful mule deer buck!


Stalker Stickbows owner, South Cox has been building bows for over 16 years and is an avid mule deer hunter. South has made a name for himself chasing high country mule deer and being very successful at it to say the least. Producer and owner of day 3 media, Levi Mayfield has been making films and telling stories for over 7 years. The last few years Levi has joined with South to create cinematic stories of South and his experiences on the mountain!

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