FDFT2K18 Films

  • "Pictures" Top Priority Hunting
  • "2 Close 4 Comfort 2.0" Outback Outdoors
  • "Eyes of the Shadows" Obsessed Outdoors
  • "Moments" Pursue the Wild
  • "Back 2 Back" Pure Elevation
  • "Longbow" Twisted River
  • "Both Sides of the Fence" Into High Country
  • "Utah" Pure Hunting
  • "1000 Miles to Ivory" Antler Athlete
  • "The Fullest" Crowfly Creative

FDFT7 Films

  • "A Matter of Minutes" Stalker Stickbows
  • "This IS Hunting" Into the High Country
  • "True Conservation" Hard Working Hunter
  • "Respect" Contact Outdoors
  • "A Rivers Return" Rogue Wild
  • "2 Close 4 Comfort" Outback Outdoors
  • "Harvest Moon" Argali
  • "Mountain Warrior" Hamskea Archery
  • "Backcountry Gamble" Top Priority Hunting

FDFT6 Films

  • "Transitions" Stalker Stickbows
  • "Into the Canyon" Whaletail Outdoors
  • "Rugged Reunion" Southern Draw
  • "Birth of a Bowhunter" Outdoors International
  • "Expectations" Born and Raised Outdoors
  • "Pacific Ghosts" Gritty Bowmen
  • "Adaptation" Top Priority Hunting
  • "Thriving Above 12K" Lane Walter Outdoors
  • "Rock of Ages" H2O Productions

FDFT5 Films

  • "It's Not About the Horns" Gritty Bowmen
  • "Humility Among The Hog Backs" Into the Wind Outdoors
  • "Once in a Lifetime" Hamskea Archery
  • "Father's Footsteps" Outdoors International
  • "Our Rock" Pure Elevation
  • "Final Frontier" Silent Pursuits
  • "Life On the High Plains" Into High Country
  • "Expectations" Born and Raised Outdoors

FDFT4 Films

  • "American Girlz in Pursuit" Madlion Productions
  • "Legacy" Outdoors International
  • "A Brother's Bond" Rogue Wild
  • "The Last Chase" Into High Country
  • "Worth the Wait" Into the Wind Outdoors
  • "Searching for G2" Whitetail Warriors
  • "Resolve" Pure Elevation
  • "Staying Positive" Extreme Elk
  • "Comitted" Born and Raised Outdoors
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