Full Draw Fans, If you are a passionate and enthusiastic Full Draw fan and/or general bowhunting-lover, we need your help on the Full Draw Scout crew! We are lucky to have such a devoted fan base, and it’s fans like you that make our National Tour stops such a great success. If you choose to be a part of this year’s grassroots marketing efforts, you will be rewarded with Full Draw gear or movie tickets.

Join the Full Draw Scout crew. It’s simple!

FDFT Scout Duties Include:

  • Postering in high-traffic, relevant spaces – i.e. outdoor/archery shops, breweries, restaurants, campuses, coffee shops, theaters and store-fronts (where allowed).
  • Hand-to-hand flyering in high-traffic, relevant spaces  – i.e. 3D Archery shoots, audiences at other outdoor-film showings, outdoor sports expos and campuses.
  • Getting flyers into relevant store fronts – i.e. stack of flyers at the register at archery shops and local sports stores.
  • Getting social – share local tour dates, trailers, teasers and photos on your personal social media.
  • Get local groups involved – Get local archery clubs and publications to share tour dates and trailers socially.
  • Get creative! – Look for opportunities to promote the show in other, non-traditional ways.

Reward Program

  • 1st Tier: Social Actions
    • 2+ social posts
      • Can all be posted to one social network or across several
    • Minimum requirements for social network:
      • For posting to Facebook: 500 friends
      • For posting to Twitter: 500 followers
      • For posting to Instagram: 500 followers
    • Earns you $2 off your ticket to FDFT6
  • 2nd Tier: Social + Postering/Flyering
    • 5+ Social posts (requirements same as above)
    • Local Postering and/or Flyering (25+ Posters posted in key local locations)
    • Earns you 1 Free Ticket to FDFT Show & Free FDFT Movie Download

Sign-up now and start spreading the word!