The Unknown

In September of 2023, Will Waldrip embarked on a journey alongside his great friend and outfitter, Lance Kronberger, to hunt rutting bull moose in Alaska. They found themselves in a valley with no shortage of bulls. Similar to hunting elk in the rut, most of the larger bulls were preoccupied with cows, making it exceedingly challenging to get within bow range as they remained unresponsive to calls. After numerous failed attempts, Will suddenly found himself caught between two mature bulls on the verge of a confrontation. Before he knew it, the two bulls were 10 yards away, completely oblivious to what was about to happen.


My name is Matt Forsyth. I grew up just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I was extremely blessed to be in a part of the country that fueled my passion for both hunting and filming western animals. After graduating college at West Texas A&M in 2016 with a wildlife biology degree, I decided to dive headfirst into a career of content creation and haven’t looked back. In the workspace, I spend most of my time creating content for Kuiu and Wild Society Outdoors, as well as trying to get as much hunting in with friends and family as I can. My journeys have taken me across the globe from Kyrgyzstan, Nunavut, Alaska, and many places in-between. I currently live in Amarillo, Texas, and plan to continue this career path as long as God allows.

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