Among the Aspens

Experience the thrill of the hunt and the unbreakable bond of friendship forged in the wilderness, and an up-close look at a crew of passionate hunters and the adventure of a lifetime.

Filmed in the crisp mountain air of Wyoming, Among the Aspens offers a one-of-a-kind perspective into a DIY elk hunt. This film takes you straight into the action with Dylan, Nick, and John, three talented hunters with a contagious enthusiasm for the outdoors. Experience the strategic planning, the close calls, and the incredible views that only those who have lived a hunt can fully appreciate. With stunning footage and real hunter-to-hunter conversations, and gives an authentic look at the personalities, skills, and dedication of those who love the chase.

For passionate hunters who want to experience the sights and sounds of an elk hunt, Among The Aspens offers a firsthand view into a successful Wyoming expedition. It's also perfect for anyone looking for an introduction to elk hunting, with seasoned young veterans happy to explain tactics, equipment, and more. From scouting and setting up to the magic moment of a harvest. Among The Aspens brings the viewer into the action and community of hunters who live for time spent in the wilderness. With amazing cinematography and a compelling human story, it's a film that resonates with all who feel the call of the wild.


Among the Aspens was videoed by The Void Hunt Media, and behind the cameras were Jake Belinda (Owner) and Rodney Yoder (Intern). The film was created and produced by three friends and hunters from Wyoming, Dylan Heide, Nick Child and John Bishop. Dylan is 25 years old, and was born and raised in central Wyoming. His occupation is a Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX The Group, and has a family of four. Nick is 21 years old and was also born and raised in South Western Wyoming. He works for Smith Bits, an oil field company as a bit peddler and travels all over the state of Wyoming. And John is 25 years old, was born in MT, and has moved back and forth a few times. He works at Whites Mountain Motors as a car sales consultant, and is married.

The Void Hunt Media is based out of Pennsylvania and is owned by a former MLB player Jake Belinda. He is a full time videographer and photographer that specializes in capturing hunting film and photos. He works as a subcontractor but also does work for Kings Camo and a few others. Rodney is Jake's intern and is an up and coming videographer. He has been behind the camera shooting for a while and has a great background in photography.

Through social media the crew was able to meet up in Wyoming, and everyone's schedule was able to align for a few days. Nothing was more random than picking people up and introducing ourselves to each other and saying hop in and let’s have a good time in the elk woods. And from there friends ships were created and good times were had.