Public Land Nevada. Plenty of it. Desolate in some parts, neighborly in others. Altitudes cresting 10,000’ with temperature swings of 50 degrees from dawn to dusk. Steep, north/south running ridge lines expediting spring runoff. It’s no secret that the Nevada high desert is an unforgiving destination. But a destination we call home.

The Raw Hunt Crew takes on a public land archery mule deer tag in a popular area. After laying eyes on a buck that was seemingly out of place, the chase was on. This is a raw recollection of the relentless pursuit of a buck that was given the callsign, “Pitchfork.”


The Raw Hunt team is a group of working class western archers. Taking the DIY approach in bowhunting and in filmmaking. New to the publishing space, we have been making private films for a few years. Our intentions aren’t for the spotlight, but for the enjoyment of the family throughout the year.

Mike Poulin, Nurse Practitioner; Courtney Poulin, Labor and Delivery Nurse; Taylor Poulin, Air Force Pilot; Mitch Taylor, Project Manager; Dustin Butler, Police Officer. None of us qualifying as filmmakers, but whoever is holding the camera that day, is assigned the task of capturing the uncut moments of the hunt.

The pressure is off when we film. If the moment is captured, that’s the cherry on top. The goal is always to catch the harvest on camera, but we take the “Hunt first” approach. It’s important to us that we don’t lose sight of why we hunt, and why we decide to experience it together.

Our philosophy: Hunt hard, enjoy the company, and pack a camera just in case.