I Have Proof

Emmerson, 11 years old, is the eldest daughter of Blake Mallory and has been hunting for the past three years. However, with only three years of hunting she has been shooting archery since she was 3 years old. Blake has been filming her progression from toy bows to compound, where she is now pulling 42lbs. Emmerson insisted on taking her bow into the woods during the Michigan 2023 youth season, even though she was allowed to hunt with a firearm. On September 10th, the final day of the Michigan youth season, Emmerson went to the woods with the hope of tagging her first archery buck. The evening started off exciting with numerous buck just out of her 22 yard max range. Finally, about 45 minutes before dark the biggest buck on the property ends up coming down the main trail at 13 yards. The 150”+ whitetail walks perfectly broadside and the 11 year old performs like a seasoned pro.


Team: Michigan Whitetail Pursuit is a team of passionate hunters all from Michigan. The purpose of our videos is to display and share the pursuit of deer all throughout the state of Michigan. Our ‘On the Road’ series shows us Michiganders traveling to other destinations still pursuing big game. All Free Range. All Fair Chase. Proudly 100% Michigan.

Producer: Blake Mallory has been filming hunts for over twenty years. He has been filming and editing for the last seven years for Michigan Whitetail Pursuit and Fourth Arrow Productions. Blake has filmed and produced over thirty films for MWP. Blake graduated from Grand Valley State University and went right into guiding whitetail hunts after graduating with his bachelors of science. Blake is a published author, writing about his hunting experience all over North America chasing whitetails. Blake’s passion for the outdoors is second only to his family and God. His wife, Kelly, and he have three daughters who all are passionate about the outdoors.

Editors: Joe Coy grew up hunting every chance he could get and loves hunting and telling hunting stories through film. He has been editing for MWP for 8 years and has edited several film finalists for the Badlands Film Festival. He loves spending time in God’s creation and loves to inspire others to do the same. Olivia Rudberg graduated from Davenport University with a degree in marketing. She has a passion for sports and has been creating sports content and driving social campaigns for several years. She loves telling compelling stories through video.