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She is Watching

For Paul McCarty, hunting and shed hunting the pacific northwest were his passions, but his obsession was the elusive Roosevelt bull elk. Amongst the dense, wet terrain filled with thorns of Washington's logging country these elk haunted his thoughts year-round.

In late 2020, Paul's world was shaken when his mother, Diane, was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. Throughout her grueling treatment regimen of chemo, radiation, and surgeries, Paul struggled to witness his biggest supporter and life coach endure such pain. Diane, a selfless and vibrant soul who adored her grandkids, faced an unfair battle against a terrible disease.

By mid-2021, draw results revealed Paul had finally secured his limited entry elk tag in his home state of Washington after many years of applying. Despite his mother's condition, she insisted he not give up the tag, as if hoping to witness her son's success one last time. Tragically, a week and half before the season's opening, she passed away.

With heavy hearts, Paul and his brother Johnny embarked on the hunt, amidst the screechy bugles of rutting bulls. This hunt is just what these two brothers needed: finding peace and gratitude in the wilderness, reminding us to cherish what remains before it's lost.

Their pursuit through the thick, smoky forests of Washington during a scorching summer fire season proved challenging, yet amidst the hardship, they found healing in the bond of brotherhood and the wild landscape that held their target animal. Paul vowed to push through any obstacle that was thrown at him, his biggest fan was watching. He would bring back a bull.


Paul McCarty is a blue-collar working man with a background in railroad and millwork, having grown up in a small logging town in Southwest Washington. If you had told me ten years ago that I would start making films, I would have called you crazy. The Full Draw Film Tour actually sparked a fire in me from when I attended a show at the local theater. So, I finally picked up a camera and started learning about a craft I had no clue about.

Ultimate Pursuit Outdoors was established in 2018. Paul's lifelong fascination with outdoor nature films, inspired by the great Marty Stouffer and other filmmakers who captured breathtaking footage of wildlife, ignited his passion as a child. Combined with his love for hunting and the outdoors, Paul began documenting his hunts and adventures. Filmmaking is a passion and that's what we would like our audience to feel when they view our films. Through the lens of a camera we set out to capture memories to be passed down for generations. Whether it be filming my dad on a once in a lifetime moose hunt , a wedding, or my children harvesting their first ever blacktail deer. We are in the business of capturing memories and what it feels like to be in that moment and preserve that forever.

Ultimate Pursuit Outdoors media can be seen on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. For all inquiries or to get in touch with us visit our website.

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