Man in the Arena

Selected for the Full Draw Film Tour, "Man In The Arena: An Archery Elk Hunt" showcases a seven-day archery elk hunt with Travis Nowotny. This film is not just about hunting; it's about facing and overcoming adversity. Travis battles against relentless rain, challenging terrain, and extreme heat, with the goal of placing a perfect arrow on a mature bull elk.

"Man In The Arena" offers a raw look at the realities of archery hunting in rugged terrain, showcasing the highs and lows of Travis's journey. Each day brings new challenges, where success is measured in sweat, determination, and the will to continue despite the odds stacked against him.

Join us to experience a hunting adventure that goes beyond the shot. “Man In The Arena” is a compelling reminder of the resilience required to succeed and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to take on nature with respect, courage, and a never-quit attitude.


My love for hunting and the outdoors is part of who I am and when I look back, my greatest memories are framed by adventures with my dad and my boys. Each experience is a new chapter in our ongoing adventure, filled with lessons and memories that I hope will shape my sons' lives as much as they have shaped mine.

A gentle breeze, the crunch of leaves under my boots, and the excitement in my boy’s voice as they experience mother nature. These are the moments in life I cherish and believe that the outdoors plays an integral part in lessons of resilience, respect, and situations that can humble any man.

But my passion doesn't stop at personal experiences. I strive to connect others to the outdoors with my YouTube Channel “Adventure Off Script” sharing not just tales of adventure but gear reviews, tips, tactics, and more. Through this mission, I hope to educate and inspire others to step outside, explore, and find their own connections in the vast, wild world.