TRUST is more than a handshake. It’s the foundation of honesty, reliability, and caring between two individuals. Ryan DeCook, an elk hunter, finds a trustworthy archery technician to ensure his equipment functions flawlessly during a critical shot opportunity. The film highlights the importance of building a strong relationship between the bow technician and the hunter. As a Michigan resident, Ryan draws one of two non-resident tags in the San Juan Elk Unit. In his sixth year of applying, he was successful with a .09% draw odd. The excerpt portrays trust as an essential element, not just a formality, in the hunter’s pursuit within the San Juan Elk Unit of Utah.


Since Jorden was little, he has always enjoyed the art of how moments were captured, and he has always enjoyed taking a camera into the woods to record his adventures. After attending a production school, "Film The Hunt," Jorden's passion became a profession. Jorden enjoys being behind the lens and capturing life’s moments. He has had some unforgettable moments with Become 1, Pure Hunting TV, Jason Matzinger (Into High Country), Badlands Gear, ICOtec, Predator Hunter Outdoors, and Deer Hunter Podcast, to name a few. Jorden hosted and produced Predator Hunter Outdoors TV and Film The Hunt Podcast. His goal is to capture special moments so they can be relieved.